The establishment of educational institutions in developing countries gives hope to children and youth for a future that otherwise may not have been possible. The numbers of children who benefit from safe, child-friendly spaces to learn, play and grow are many. Life rebuilds and constructs schools where children and youth can be educated in Iraq and several African countries. Life plans to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students attending schools in many African nations.

Education is central to growth, empowerment, and a move towards self-sufficiency in developing nations. It is associated with such benefits as increased earnings and better health. Education has the potential to end the spread of poverty from generation to generation.

There is a need to construct schools in West Africa and the Horn of Africa, access to safe drinking water, latrines and proper school room furnishings are rare to find in schools located in most African nations. Dilapidated structures and makeshift buildings are common in all the communities. Wars and extreme poverty have worsened the situation.

Life constructs school buildings that provide for quality teaching and learning, supply safe drinking water and latrines and create a comfortable child oriented learning environment for these deprived children.


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