The need for orphan sponsorship has increased tremendously within the last decade. The influx of war has caused many to flee their homes and become displaced, affecting children the most. We have regional offices in all the countries that we sponsor Orphans in. 

Sponsorships are available in the following countries:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Ghana, Syria, Lebanon, Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Haiti, and Sierra Leone

For $55 a month a donor will provide an orphan with food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare. Sponsors are encouraged to correspond with their orphans on a regular basis.

Many sponsors provide additional funds for their orphans for the following reasons:

  • Special gifts at Ramadan
  • Special gifts at Eid Al-Adha
  • Other special occasions
  • Surgical procedures that the orphan may need
  • Dental procedures that may require additional funds
  • Special requests by individual orphans

Each year, the sponsor will receive an orphan update as part of the program which includes.

When a sponsor signs up for the orphan program they will receive their first orphan sponsorship packet by mail within 2 to 6 weeks.

Life has other programs in place in each country of operation that help enhance the lives of orphans, these programs include:

  • Orphans in need of medical treatment/surgeries outside of their country are sent to receive treatment by Life
  • Food baskets given to orphans and their families during Ramadan
  • Udhiya/Qurbani meat is distributed to orphans during Eid Al Adha
  • Special parties are arranged for Life’s ‘Back to School’ program in many countries
  • Through Life’s in-kind program in some countries Life provides English books to orphans that are donated by publisher’s in the US
  • Life has a well established orphan sponsorship program in 8 countries and is serving the needs of over 3,700 orphans on a daily basis

LIFE is built on the selfless acts of volunteering and continues to hold its volunteers to the highest esteem. Sign up to volunteer and LIFE will contact you when an event or activity arises in your area.