Life’s Hearing Aid trip in 2016 was very successful. With over 30 audiologists, Life’s staff and volunteers in Amman fit Palestinian and Syrian refugee and needy Jordanian children with hearing aids. They visited orphans with hearing loss in Al-Bekka, Irbid, Madaba, Jerash and Zarka camps. 

Your Help is needed to Provide Hearing Aids

 Over 300 children from 1 ½ years old to young adults were fitted with ear molds and high quality hearing aids and around 30 children were unable to be treated because they need surgical implants in order to hear. Life plans to work with hospitals in Jordan to provide surgery for some of the children and will try to bring the more complicated cases to the US for surgery.

Last year, they were able to fit 58 children with hearing aids and they ran out, this year they want to provide over 100 children with hearing aids during their mission trip.

It costs $200 for one hearing aid and $400 for a pair of hearing aids. Please give whatever you can to give the gift of hearing to someone in need today.


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