Water wells qualify as a source of ongoing charity. Donate a water well for your loved ones as a source of reward. Life digs water wells in villages and rural areas close to places of worship, hospitals, or schools.

Life has been building water wells in the Horn of Africa, Mali, Ghana and Afghanistan where residents and animal herds have little or no access to clean drinking water. Hand dug water wells are shallow wells 15 - 20 meters deep with a concrete like tube shape with open ends on both sides inserted into the hole. Then a concrete base of 1.5 meters above the surface is built. A hand pump is installed at the middle of the concrete base to pull water to the surface which is the point of water distribution for public use. 

Water wells that Life digs on your behalf are open to the public. Wells have a long lasting impact on the community, boosts moral, and improves health. It also serves as a source of ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jaariyah). Life has dug hundreds of water wells, providing clean water to thousands of deserving families.


LIFE is built on the selfless acts of volunteering and continues to hold its volunteers to the highest esteem. Sign up to volunteer and LIFE will contact you when an event or activity arises in your area.