Zakat Al-Fitr (purity from fasting sins) is a mandatory charity that must be paid for every member of your household as part of the Ramadan fasting tradition, and it must be given before the Eid prayer.

Life recommends donating $12 per person or check with your Masjid for the correct amount for your local community. The amount is the estimated equivalent of a complete Iftar meal.

This donation will support Life’s efforts toward feeding hundreds of thousands of needy people in places like Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Haiti, the U.S.A., and elsewhere.

Zakat Al-Fitr = $12 per person

If Zakat Al-Fitr is not paid by the time of Eid prayer, it will be considered as Sadaqat Al-Fitr, (Charity) as opposed to Zakat Al-Fitr.

Take a few minutes to donate right now and fulfill an important obligation of the fasting days of Ramadan.


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