UAE facts in Numbers
5,927,482 population
10.3 DEATHS/1,000 LIVE BIRTHS Infant Mortality Rate
67,700 Average Family Income
2.4%Unemployment Rate
Life in UAE

Life Board of Director’s made a decision in 2004 to explore the possibility of opening a fundraising office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. In 2005, Life obtained registration to operate as an International NGO in the UAE. Life opened its first office at that time and later moved to the newly constructed ‘Dubai International Humanitarian Aid City’ where its office is located today.

This office has served to be a good source for Life to receive funding from several organizations located in the Gulf region and has given Life visibility in the Middle East through its relationship with many media outlets in the UAE and Qatar.


LIFE is built on the selfless acts of volunteering and continues to hold its volunteers to the highest esteem. Sign up to volunteer and LIFE will contact you when an event or activity arises in your area.