Syria has been known as Al-Sham by the Arabs for about two thousand years and more recently in the last few hundred years by the European name of the Levant. Syria has been the home of one of the oldest city-states known as Ebla, which had a Semitic civilization. Syria’s capital city, Damascus, is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. In 1970, the Defense Minister, Hafiz Al-Assad, belonging to a minority sect, overthrew the government and took power. He consolidated power by eliminating rivals and placing his family, relatives, and members of his sect into power, within the Baath Party infrastructure. Although Syria participated in the Arab-Israeli War of 1973, it was unable to retake the occupied lands. With the help of Iraqi forces in that war, however, Syria was able to successfully defend an Israeli onslaught on Damascus. . A major anti-government uprising in the Syrian city of Hama in 1982 was crushed by the Syrian military causing the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians. Following the death of Hafiz Al-Assad in 2000, his son, Bashar Al-Assad took over. Due to International Pressure, Syria was forced to withdraw its forces from Lebanon in 2004. In early 2011, as the Arab Spring Revolts spread across the Arab World, major anti-government uprisings erupted throughout Syria causing violent clashes between the government forces and oppositionists. Later in that year, the U.S., the Arab League, and other countries imposed political and economic sanctions on the Syrian government for its excessive use of force against the protesters. The civil conflict has caused thousands of people to be displaced internally in Syria, as well as across its borders with Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. As of December 2016 over 13.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria and there are over 6.3 million internally displaced and 4. 8 million refugees, making this the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today.

Life opened an office under the auspices of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Damascus in 2003. Life’s focus was on supporting orphans and widows through its orphan sponsorship program. Life expanded its work by providing assistance to Palestinian refugees and assistance to the handicapped and disabled. During the Lebanon crisis in 2006, Life assisted the Lebanese refugees that fled to Syria by providing food, clothing and shelter to refugee families. Recently, Life has been assisting IDP families and refugees in neighboring countries including refugees here in the USA that left their homes due to the civil conflict taking place in Syria.

Orphan Sponsorship

The need for orphan sponsorship has increased tremendously within the last decade. The influx of war has caused many to flee their homes and become displaced, affecting children the most. We have regional offices in all the countries that we sponsor Orphans in.


Udhiyah in Arabic translates to any animal of the ‘an’aam class (i.e., Cow, Sheep, Goat, or Camel). Udhiyah/Qurbani is the sacrifice of the animals mentioned, after the Eid prayer. It is among the great rituals of Islam and a tradition of his blessed messengers.


Emergency baskets are designed to provide immediate aid and relief to survivors of natural disasters and wars. Currently, we are in need of additional baskets in Mosul (Iraq), Syria, and Haiti.

Ramadan Food Baskets

The month of Ramadan is a time of fasting, but more so, it is a time in which Muslims are compelled to give.