April 26, 2017

Life distributes food packages and hygiene items to displaced people in Mosul, Iraq.


Distribution of food packages and hygiene items in Mosul and Erbil
Donor: Life for Relief and Development (America)
Implementing agency: Mercy without Borders and under the supervision of Life (Iraq office)

1- At the request of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region of Iraq on 14/4/2017 implies on the distribution of one hundred food and hygiene packages to the families of orphans in the districts of the Martyrs and Kisinzan in Erbil.
2- The danger of distribution on the right side of Mosul and the prohibiting of humanitarian organizations to distribute only with the approval of the Office of the Prime Minister have been obtained all security approvals for the purpose of providing full protection from the threats as well as from chaos during distribution.
So on Sunday 4-23-2017 at 6:30 am the staff of Life and Mercy went with a truck load that carried food and hygiene items, through the city of (Erbil, Kalak) and then passing the city of Hamdania and Salamiya on the eastern side of Mosul and then crossing the bridge on the Tigris River to the western side passing through Hamam Al-Alil. They encountered artillery shelling and mortar, and thankfully were able to reach the Mansour area despite the check points because of prior coordination and security approvals from the district. It was very difficult to distribute 900 packages due to the massive number of needy families.
They were not allowed to bring a camera but were able to use mobile phones for photos and videos. Al-Iraqiya media channel covered the distribution process and praised the organizations of Life and Mercy as the first organizations distributing aid on the western side of Mosul.
3. On Wednesday 26/4/2017, 500 food and hygiene packages were distributed to the affected families in Al-Nu'maniyah and Al-Aramil areas on the eastern side of Mosul. The families and dignitaries of the regions thanked Life for Relief and Development and Mercy without Borders for their outstanding humanitarian relief efforts. Everyone thanked and appreciated the good efforts that were undertaken to assist the people of Iraq.

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